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Go Cart Kits

  • Want to get your hands dirty?
  • Want a custom go kart?
  • Want a fun project for the weekends?
  • Want some bonding time with your kids?
  • Can’t find the right go kart to buy?

best go karts onlineIf you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions then perhaps it’s time to think about putting together your own go kart. If you’re interested in owning your own go kart and would like to get your hands dirty in the process then go kart kits are the way to go. Or you might have a particular look of go kart in mind but you just can’t seem to find anywhere to buy it. Alternatively you might just want a project to tinker with at the weekends. Perhaps you want to get the kids away from their Xbox or Playstation for a few hours and spend some quality time together.

Whatever your reasons are for undertaking a project to build your own go kart, the decision you need to make now is how hard do you want to make it for yourself! If you have never built a kart before or never undertaken any kind of mechanical repair or if you don’t consider yourself much of a grease monkey; then perhaps the best place to start would be to buy a ready to assemble go kart kit.

Complete go kart kits

If you’re a complete novice with limited skills or experience then the complete go kart kits will have everything you need to get going. With a basic set of tools you should be ok to go. The disadvantages are that the kits are pricey and your choices are limited.

If you’re looking for entry level karts, good for the kids then head off over to Go karts usa.

If you want an even simpler option head over to Amazon do a load of ready made karts in various guises to suit various budgets $600+.

Go Kart Chassis Kit

If you’ve decided to put together your own kart mechanically but need a pre-designed chassis then you can buy these pre-welded or in kit form. Buying in kit form will save you some bucks in the process but you’re going to have to be handy with a blow torch – or know someone who is!

Go Kart Plans

If you’re happy welding and bending pipes and you want the challenge but you’ve never designed a kart before then there are plenty of plans on the net free and to buy. Head over to DIYGOKARTS for some free plan advice. If you’re prepared to put your hand in your pocket then Ebay has loads to choose from. Spidercarts.com has some nice looking plans to buy with videos of the karts in action which is a great idea.

Go Kart Parts

Brave soul or seasoned kart builder – either way all you really need now is a handy supply of parts. Again ebay.com can help here. Mgfsupply.com have a good selection. If you’re happy to source some used parts then Craigslist.com can help you track down some local sellers.

The Best Clothes To Wear Gokarting!

When I take my kids go karting, I always make sure we’re wearing the latest and greatest styles, like these from The Company Store and Lands End!